The Bonfim ribbons (fita do Senhor do Bonfim) are originally from Salvador Bahia, Brazil. Each ribbon is wrapped and tied with three knots. A wish is made for each tied knot. Wearing a Bonfim Ribbon represents your goals, wishes and dreams. The wishes are said to come true when the ribbon falls off on its own


Find the perfect colors wishes




Growth, prosperity, and health. It’s about making a connection with nature to understand the abundance of life in all its glory. Use it if you are searching for refreshment, stability, harmony, and rest.  




Success and optimism. Use it when you need to reload your energy, boost your confidence, and illuminate yourself. Great when seeking enthusiasm, positivity, spontaneity, and for times in life when quick decisions need to be made. 




Passion. Used to express strong emotions and power. It’s all about stimulation, energy, desire, vibration, and courage. It will remind ourselves about great love but also to encourage us to walk through life with excitement and bravery.




Hope. Blue makes us feel calm, serene, and peaceful. It inspires feelings of confidence, loyalty, responsibility, and inner security. It emphasizes the need to relax, create order, and feel safe.



New beginnings. In Brazil, it is the tradition to start the new year or a new phase in life wearing white, because it brings peace, light and illumination. It’s also a color for purity, understanding, rest, faith and humility.




A strong and powerful color. Black is elegant, mysterious, and formal. It is associated with strength, authority, and sophistication. Black is actually the absence of colors, where some can find balance. It’s the choice for times when focus, discipline and strength are needed.




The passion of red combined with the tenderness of white creates this sensitive color, which reminds us of compassion and our feminine side. It’s great to nurture the sense of vulnerability and trust in our loved ones. Playful, it’s also used to increase creativity and motivate to take action.




Violet is known as the inner strength and spiritually color. The mix between blue and red inspires reflexion and self awareness. It’s a good choice for transitions and self discovery moments. It highlights intuition, wisdom and sensitivity.




Energy and encouragement. Also known as Holland’s favorite color! Orange radiates fortune and good luck. It’s the color that reminds us of the extroverts and adventurers bringing freedom, independence, and optimism.



Rainbow - All Together

Sometimes we need it all. Fortune, encouragement, joy, inner peace, balance, passion, and much more. This shows that we can find our true selves in diversity, with acceptance and love. We believe that positivity is all about this: to wish the best of all colors for ourselves and the world!


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